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"Furtuna Mihaela" Law Office
(+40) 724 543 645

The "Furtuna Mihaela" Law Office operates within the Bucharest Bar, based on the provisions of law no. 51/1995 and the status of the legal profession, being specialized in consulting, assistance and representation of natural and legal individuals before the courts.

The activity of the law office consists in providing legal advice, assistance and representation of clients in court at all levels of jurisdiction, in all procedural phases: drafting and attestation of legal documents in the fields of criminal law, commercial law, civil law, labor law, family law, company law, real estate law, administrative litigation.

Our goal is to provide our customers services characterized by professionalism and quality. In order to fulfill the tasks entrusted by our clients in an efficient and fast way, we collaborate with mediators' offices, notary offices, specialized translation companies, bailiffs' offices, experts or banks.

We understand the needs and requirements of our customers and we adapt in order to solve the received tasks in the shortest time and with maximum efficiency.