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Fields of activity

"Furtuna Mihaela" Law Office
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Fields of activity

Commercial Law
Legal advice and assistance regarding the establishment of:
- trading companies;
- authorized natural persons;
- non-profit organizations: associations, foundations, federations, confederations.

Legal advice and assistance regarding changes of companies and their registration with the Trade Register:
- decisions of the general meeting of shareholders or decisions of the sole shareholder;
- up-to-date constitutive acts;
- assignments of social parts and shares, increase or decrease of share capital;
- establishment or removal of working points;
- change of name or emblem;
- change or extension of registered office;
- revocation or appointment of an administrator;
- extension of the administrator's mandate;
- temporary suspension of the company's activity;
- obtaining operating permits for the headquarter or for the work points.

- Correction of material errors;
- Dissolution, liquidation of companies;
- Obtaining ascertaining certificates and punctual information from the Trade Register;
- Consulting, drafting and certification of commercial contracts;
- Preparation of notifications or summons, accomplishment of the preliminary conciliation procedure;
- Representation of commercial disputes;
- Payment summons;
- Any kind of assistance regarding Company Law.

Criminal Law

- Prior advice on legal proceedings;
- Assistance and representation before the prosecutions and criminal investigation bodies: Police, Prosecutor's Office and other criminal investigation bodies;
- Drafting notifications and criminal complaints addressed to the criminal investigation bodies;
- Assistance and representation in the first court, appeal and recourse phase;
- Assistance and representation in the phase of execution of criminal sentences: appeals against execution, interruption and postponement of execution of sentences;
- Assistance and representation in the phase of extraordinary means of attack: appeals for annulment, review.

Legal assistance and representation in criminal proceedings regarding:
- crimes against individuals;
- crimes against property;
- forgery offenses;
- traffic offenses;
- crimes of trafficking and illicit drug use.

Family Law
- divorces
- partitions
- alimonies
- minor entrustment
- minor visit
- marriages annulments
- interictions
- establishing paternity

Civil Law
- civil litigations
- road accident damage files
- appeals against contraventions
- civil contracts
- real estate claims
- partitions
- negotiations
- notifications

Labor Law
- work conflicts
- salary recovery
- cancellation of decisions issued by the Pension Houses
- moral damages

Real Estate Law
- Drafting legal opinions and due diligence reports on the legal situation of the building;
- Drafting pre-contracts, sale-purchase contracts, or rental contracts and providing assistance to banks or notaries for concluding and authenticating any type of contract;
- Carrying out the formalities related to the land book, regarding the existence of the tasks that impedes the building.